About Us

"We deliver the quality digestible by your stomach"

We are working in the industry since 1965 and now known as a progressive mill. Chishtia Flour Mills, located in Nawabshah, Pakistan, we are working with the qualified and experienced staff. Our nutritionists tell us the needs of human stomach, what is best for the health, and we work according to the guidelines to give our clients the nourishment.

We are capable to satisfy the needs of our clients with the help of our best staff and well-equipped materials like mills and other accessories needed in the process. We are bearing the technical capability to provide our customers what we are aiming to provide. We manufacture wheat flour and the other products of wheat with terms based on quality. We do not compromise when it comes to health of a human being as we value life.

Our "no compromise on health," is a basic niche we are working on which we are holding like a slogan not to make the image of our mill but to offer human stomach a reliable source of energy. We work with conditions and authorities so one can rely on our quality products.

What We Are Known For:

FRESH CHAKKI ATTA is what we are known for, we provide a quality chakki atta that helps your immune system to gain maximum of energy from it and fight back with the materials unknown for the body system. Our aim is to provide our clients the health that we all are looking for these days but unable to find. Chishtia foods work with dignity and devotion for the clients and the satisfaction of their stomachs.

"Your immune system demands the health and we promise to satisfy them"

What We Specifically Deliver:

Chishtia foods or chishtia flour is actually delivering nothing else but quality. We mark the targets to achieve the quality living and healthy lifestyle through our foods. It is true that what we eat is what we made of so if we eat healthy, we keep ourselves healthy.

"Our brand is a symbol of quality flour"

What We Offer:

We offer different kinds of daals, for instance, mung daal, masoor daal, etc. In addition, we provide chili powders, spices, and grinded black pepper to provide essence to your taste buds. whole wheat flour is our specialty as wrote above, we provide fresh chakki atta with the best quality and at low cost from normal shops.

Through many years of hard work, we are now quite capable of having the clients from all over the Pakistan. We deliver not only the best of food materials but we deliver the promises we commit to our clients. Our clients are our happiness and we take care of the smiles on the face of humans.

What Customers Today Needs The Most:

Today, in century of 20’s, we are in severe need of good health and healthy food material. Chishtia foods surveyed the total era and what is actually missing in the food materials and worked on providing the customers that missing part through their food material. In this 20th century, keepers and buyers both forget the nourishment of brain and human health today but Chishtia Foods take a lot care regarding the matter of health.

"Keep in touch with us to stay health"